SXSW ’11 Recap pt. 4 (Videos Included)

Friday, March 19, 2011:

I started my day off by heading to The Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Lovejoys to catch Owen Hart. This was my first time to see Owen Hart and needless to say I totally enjoyed it. They played a tight set consisting of songs off of Earth Control and This Comp Kills Fascists. After having Earth Control on constant rotation, I was pretty stoked to catch five or six songs of it.

When Owen Hart was done, I headed over to Emos Annex to watch The Funeral Pyre. I had never been too big of a Funeral Pyre fan but I made sure to watch them since their guitarist is also in Early Graves. I’m not so sure if it was the raw black metal riffs or their singers wonderful heckling of the ATX hipsters and Acacia Strain fans, but I found my self quite enjoying their set this time around.  The Funeral Pyre finished up after about seven songs but luckily for me, the blasphemy was about to continue with Gaza.

The first thing that anyone notices when Gaza sets up is the giant that is their singer Jon. Seriously, this dude is fucking huge. As Gaza began, I noticed tons of befuddled looks around the tent. Gazas set consisted mainly of songs from He Is Never Coming Back, but they still managed to play my favorite song “Slutmaker”.  Half way into the set, John was looking pretty bored with the apathetic audience and hopped into the crowd to stir up some shit.

As soon as Gaza finished, I had to run back to Lovejoys in hope of catching a few minutes of Magrudergrinds set. Lovejoys was much more packed now than it was during Owen Hart. I made my way through the crowd and up to the front and noticed that Magrudergrind was still setting up. I scored a good spot and started to record as Magrudergrind ripped through something like 19 songs in fifteen minutes. To my surprise it ended up being one of the longest Magrudergrind sets I have ever seen. Shit ripped.

It was now time for my second helping of Gaza for the day. It’s probably been about 25 minutes since Gaza was done playing at Emos and here they are setting up again. They played the exact same set (understandably) and it seemed to go over better this time around even though there were still tons of confused looks. Man, John seems even bigger when he is on the floor and not on a stage.

Now that Gaza had destroyed for a second time, it was time to go destroy my brain cells with some THC. We hit our spot, blazed a few bowls, and decided to go get some more Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza. Two slices of jalepeno pepperoni, a dr pepper, and three more bowls of chron later, it was time to go back to Emos Annex to catch The Red Chord.

We get to Emos and the line is fucking huge. I wait inline for about 45 minutes while some horrible christian Underoath wanna be is playing. They end and The Red Chord starts to set up. Fuck, I am still in line and end up watching 3/4ths of the show from the line. I finally get in and make my way to the front. They play pretty much the same set as the day before except with an extra song or two. As always, they close with “Dreaming In Dog Years” and I jump on stage to tackle Guy. I am always surprised at TRCs ability to play a well distributed set of material from every album no matter how short of a set they get.

Up next was the band I had been waiting all SXSW to see….. Grayceon. If you don’t know who Grayceon is, make sure to check them out. They are a three piece progressive sludge band consisting of guitars, drums, cello, and female vocals. Their newest album “All We Destroy” was released the week before and it had been in constant rotation. I headed over to Club Plush and get a spot at the very front. All I can say about this bands live performance is, Wow. Even despite sound and technical issues, they still managed to absolutely blow me away. Their set consisted of three songs from “All We Destroy” and one from “The Grand Show”.

After Grayceon, I headed across town to Club 1808 to wait for Magrudergrind to play again. While hanging out there, I discovered that a house show was going on down the street. Neither of the shows had times posted so it quickly turned into a big annoyance of going back and forth between the venue and house while waiting to find out who played when.

Several hours later, it was finally time for a band I kind of like to play. I caught the last few songs of Touche Amore in this kids garage. It was pretty dope. Then I headed back to 1808 because Magrudergrind was setting up. This time around the audience was a little younger and there was a small stage. It really made for a better atmosphere. Kids were moshing and stage diving while Magrudergrind was grinding. They played the same set as earlier in the day but it seemed much tighter this time around.

Magrudergrind finished fairly quickly which meant it was time to wait another three hours to see a decent band. After what seemed like forever, Owen Hart began to set up in the kids garage. I felt like none of the ATX sceamo hardcore wanna be hipsters really knew who Owen Hart was.  Most people stayed outside but Owen Hart still managed to bring the ruckus. The singer got the few kids watching going and they ended up breaking a power chord in a socket by moshing too hard. Even though kids weren’t too into, they fucking slayed.

At this point I started to become a little pissed with the way the house show was organized. Another four shit locals went on before anything worth a shit started to happen. By this point, it’s 1 am and I had a feeling the police would be showing up soon. At about 1:30am, the show was starting to build to a climax. The original plan was for All Pigs Must Die play, then Trap Them, and finally Gaza. Since the show was running so late, Trap Them and All Pigs Must Die decided to play dueling sets. Once I heard that Trap Them and All Pigs Must Die were going to play song for song, I started to get beyond stoked.

The show was quickly becoming something of legend. People from all kinds of bands were in the audience. It was pretty much half hometown kids and half dudes in touring bands. Trap them was going to be the first to play and right after their first song, the police show up. FUCK ME! I knew this shit was going to happen. However All Pigs Must Die was baller enough to play a song despite the police waiting in the next room.

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— Josh Huddleston

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