You Won’t Go Blind Checking Out The Sun Through A Telescope

There has been a surge of killer bands coming out lately. I have gotten a lot of e-mail regarding these bands and a few didn’t exactly catch my attention and others are blowing me away. Some of the bands I’ve caught wind of that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed have been Lauderdale, Melora and Achren. There are a few more good ones that I haven’t yet to blog about, but I will be getting them up soon.

Those bands, however are not the point of this post. The band I want to post about is called The Sun Through A Telescope, an ambient doom band led by Leigh Newton. Their music is kind of hard to describe in any other words than crushing, droning doom metal with ambient elements and touches of grinding madness. Wow, that was a pretty long description. The vocals are powerful and straightforward. The drumming is rounded with complex and masterful composition. All around, this band is great.

Please check them out. I’m loving their latest double album, “Orange” and “Green/Black” You can download the album digitally from their Bandcamp Page or buy it on a double cassette (yes cassette!) here. I am also streaming two tracks below that you can download for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! The Sun Through A Telescope – Glowing Hallowe’en Eyes by AmericanAftermath The Sun Through A Telescope – Autumn Tunnel by AmericanAftermath

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