Exclusive: Misery (Fukpig) Interview

Can you introduce yourself? Who you are and what you play in the band.
Yeah, I’m Misery from Fukpig. I play guitar live. On the albums I do most of the guitars and the bass.

How did Fukpig come together?
We formed in 2001 to try and sound like Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death. But then the other bands we were in got really busy so we left it from 2003 until 2008. Then I started writing again.

You stated that the band name came from a name your former boss called you. What kind of work did you do?
I still do it, I’m a mechanical and electrical building services Cad Technician.

You’ve released two full length LPs so far, how were they received by fans?

Quite well so far, I typed “Fukpig” into SoulSeek a few days ago and there were ques of 100’s of people waiting to download the album for free. So I’m guessing a few people like it.

What do some of Fukpig’s lyrics deal with?
People being twats and the world being shit.

Fukpig has a lot of great song titles. My favorite title is “All of You Are Cunts and I Hope You Fucking Die.” What is your favorite song title by Fukpig or any other band?
My favorite song title is “Song Titles Are Fucking Stupid” by Anal Cunt

Who or what are some of your personal influences?
Personally, my influences for Fukpig are Extreme Noise Terror, Disgust, Napalm Death, Iron Monkey, Gorgoroth and Mayhem. But not everything them bands have done.

Have you been listening to any music lately? If so, what is it?
Yeah, I always listen to music. Recently it’s been Ghost, Devils Blood, Goatsnake and Blood Ceremony.

All three members of the band played in both Mistress and Exploder. How are these bands different from Fukpig?
Mistress was a sludgy doom band that then changed into a grindcore band. If we were still doing Mistress, I would have hoped it would have changed into Fukpig. As it was going that way. Exploder was an 80’s rock band that Mick formed.

Are there any bands you would like to take out on the road with you?

You just released and EP, “Batcave Full of Bastards.” What else is in store for Fukpig in 2011
Fukpig 3 will be out this year, plus a 7” split single with Selfless, Drunks other band. Plus we may release the 3 demos we did between 2001 and 2003. Possibly a few other split singles.


2 comments on “Exclusive: Misery (Fukpig) Interview

  1. Would have preferred more substance, but good to see fukpig mentioned.. didn’t know anyone knows about them, haha. Looking forward to the new album.

    • I love me some Fukpig, man. I was kind of at a loss for words in this interview. That and I did it while I was at work, so I kind of rushed through it. Hopefully I will be able to do an interview with them again.

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