Band Spotlight: Eschaton + Streaming Track

I was checking my e-mail this morning and the first message in my Inbox was sent from “Eschaton.” I was very curious. I read the message to find out that it was from a band from Austria who wanted me to blog about their band and new EP, which is free to download on their Bandcamp page. At first, I was unsure of how I would take this band’s music seeing as they gave me no info on the band’s sound whatsoever, but after listening to this EP, I can gladly say that I really like this band. Their sound is not what I would call unique. A lot of bands pull of what this band is pulling off, but this band does so in such a great way. Everything is very well structured and melodic and yet so very dark. I’m digging it and I hope you will to. I am streaming the title track off of the two song EP below. Check it out and if you’re into it, head over to their Bandcamp page and download it. For free!

Eschaton – An Instrument Of Darkness by AmericanAftermath

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FYI, Eschaton’s logo is fucking amazing: