Review: Rotten Sound – Cursed

“Alone” opens with an automatic wave of grind. Everything kicks in and pushes through my speakers inciting instant headbanging. The riffing is amazingly punishing. The drumming is intricate and powerful. Everything about this track shows exactly what grindcore should sound like. Around 44 seconds, a nice groove sets in. Absolutely amazing. “Superior” begins with a fury of pure madness. Moving at 1,000 miles per hour with no stop in sight, this track definitely reminds me of Napalm Death’s early years. At 50 seconds we get another killer groove. This riff is very melodic, even behind this wall of noise. The vocals are fucking amazing. Of course. “Self” opens with some nice, pummeling drums. The vocals come in along with the guitars masterfully shredding. The vocals are very well enunciated, which is something I love in not only grindcore, but all forms of extreme music. “Choose” begins with some feedback leading into a steady melodic riff. The drumming on this is amazing. This definitely makes me want to mosh. This track is not as fast as those previous to it. This is more in the vein of new-age hardcore bands like Trap Them and New Lows. This track is unbelievable from start to finish. More feedback opens up “Hollow.” This track continues that hardcore sound from the previous track. This song, however greets listeners with a solo at 11 seconds. Pretty gnarly, if I do say so myself. This song has a bit of doom/sludge mixed in. All together, this is fucking amazing. I have loved Keijo’s vocals since I first heard them on Under Pressure. The main riff on this song is killer. The track picks up around 1:37. Still not quite fast enough to call it grind, but it’s getting close. This is some super aggressive music. I love it. “Ritual” continues with the same sound as the last two songs, but they are slowly growing faster. Around 35 seconds, we are back to full blown grindage! A nice little solo comes in around 1:30. I commend Rotten Sound for that. Not too many grind bands would dare lay down such a solo. Bravo. With the beginning of “Green,” we are back to formula. The grind is in full effect. The riffing is top notch, the drumming is otherworldly. The vocals are torturing. I fucking love it. Regardless of the pounds and pounds of distortion, these tracks still have a sense of melodic riffing to them. “Machinery” begins with a driving riff that is sure to punish any ear drums that come within range. I am again reminded off the Godfathers of Grind, Napalm Death. This song is a beast. There is still a nice hardcore groove present in this. At 44 seconds, something in the air changes. I’m not sure why, I just feel a shift in the mood of the song for a few seconds. The vocals change and it’s all just very… I’m not sure. Supernatural? “Power” opens with a nice melodic riff that forms the basis of the track. The song mutates into a grinding monster at 18 seconds. I have no issue with this, of course. This whole song is barely over a minute long, but that is quite long enough (if not too long) to get your point across in grindcore. At 43 seconds, a killer groove pops up and shifts the song into a more hardcore-esque mode. Not bad at all. “Plan” opens with a solo. Nice work. The song itself is purely punk oriented and set to warp speed. The vocals are outstanding, of course. This drummer is a fucking machine. A nice melodic section begins around the minute mark. I cannot help but keep my focus on the drumming. This is fucking amazing. “Declare” begins like “Hollow” only with a much more killer lead guitar line. This riff is fucking amazing. Everything is set very symmetrical. Nothing stands out too much and nothing falls behind. Beginning at 1:14, the song begins to morph into a doom metal track. The vocals beginning at 1:50 are pure evil. That is the only way I can think to describe them. Kind of a mixture of Barney Greenway and Satan. That about covers it. A-fucking-mazing track. “Addict” is obviously very punk influenced. Well, the guitar solo at 30 seconds almost makes me retract my previous statement. The entire song shifts moods right before my… ears. Yeah. This is fucking long solo for a grind track. The vocals are killer. This track is probably one of the fastest changing songs, tempo wise, on the album. Every few seconds, something changes. I like that a lot. “Exploit” opens with my absolutely favorite riff on the album. A lot of chugging is going on, but it is very masterful chugging. There is a lot of melody and structure to it. This song has a killer vibe to it. I cannot contain my headbanging. This track is fucking unbelievable. The drumming is complex and skillful. Just… Wow. That’s all I can say. “Terrified” opens with a nice grinding groove. Very harsh sounding. Everything is moving extremely fast and that makes me smile. I love chaotic, loud music. Rotten Sound definitely bring that to the table.I like the dooming groove that begins around 1:37. This is a crushing riff. “Scared” opens with yet another amazingly grooving track. These dudes know how to put melody in pretty much anything. The main riff is very intense. The vocals are strong and they stand out just enough to make them clearly distinguishable. I hear a weird filter on the vocals though. Like, almost robotic. Interesting. The final track, “Doomed” begins with that classic Rotten Sound… sound. A monstrous drum patter, an amazingly well executed riff and purely evil vocals. The guitar section beginning at 1:12 is fucking amazing. I am in love with this album. Absolutely. Fuck yes! Rotten Sound for the fucking win. Definitely year end list material.

Rating: 10/10

Review: Weedeater – Jason… The Dragon

“The Great Unfurling” begins in a very epic manner. Very cryptic and droning. A sample comes in at 27 seconds. For some reason, this reminds me of Acid Witch. Very odd. “Hammerhandle” begins with a very thick bass line. Very distorted, very nice. When the riff comes around, the song takes form. This song gives off a very creepy vibe. Everything about this seems depressing. I love it. The vocals are harsh and evil. Just the way they should be. Too many bands who play this type of music scream so that it doesn’t sit well with the track or they sing and throw the whole thing off. I think Weedeater have their shit on lock down. Not too many words throughout this track, but there really didn’t need to be. The point got across. “Mancoon” opens with another chunky bass line. Some feed back comes in behind it. This track moves a bit faster. A nice southern groove going on  here. The vocals are hard to describe. They are screams, but at times, he enunciates in a very southern accent. I’m digging it though. I love Dixie’s vocals. This main riff is amazing. Not just droning bullshit like some sludge  bands pull off. There are actually great artists behind this wall of sound. “Turkey Warlock” took me a minute to get into. Mainly because I had to restart it because I was laughing too hard at the name. The song opens with a super distorted riff just droning along. At 40 seconds, the band bursts in. The vocals are throat-rippingly good. The riff is eerie. Ungodly, I would say. The drumming remains simple, as it has since the album started, but it’s not to go without noticing. Even the simplest drum pattern, if played right, is amazing. The track fades into feedback about 30 seconds before it actually end. Simply sludgy. “Jason…the Dragon” opens with yet another thick bass line. The guitar slowly comes in drowned in a sea of distortion. The song slowly gets moving with a very easily memorable riff. The drums kick in around 1:30 and the song takes its complete form. This track has a very nice groove to it. I’m loving the lead guitar line accompanying the main riff. The vocals are strong but not overwhelming. Everything sits very neatly. I believe I just heard “you smell like fuck.” If this is true, that may be the best song lyric I’ve ever heard. I am praying I heard that right. I am feeling a bit of a Lemmy influence on the vocalist. Just a hint here and there. This is fantastic for a title track. The lyrics are amazing, the song structure is killer. I absolutely love everything about this track. “Palms of Opium” opens with a very odd guitar tone. A slide is clearly being used and.. Wow. The vocals are filtered in a very creepy way also. I really have no idea how I feel about this track. This is one of those things you have to hear to understand. I’m having a hard time attempting to describe it. Melancholic bluegrass perhaps? Yep, that about covers it. “Long Gone” breaks back into the formula that’s been laid out on this album. Slow, dooming music cranked up to full gain. I like the structuring of this track. Everything is moving in a very progressive nature (not as in progressive music, as in moving forward). The guitars are sludgy, but melodic in the execution. The drums keep a nice, steady tempo throughout which beckons a head nod. I definitely dig this track. “March of The Bipolar Bear” begins with a nice drum intro that slowly grows into a masterful drum solo. Not to often you have a track that consists of solely drumming. That’s quite refreshing actually. Nothing to fancy, just a nice simple drum attack. A very melodic, catchy riff brings us into “Homecoming.” I love that hefty bass. I feel that a strong bass can add or take away a lot of emotion in a song. When the song comes to full fruition around the 1:30 mark, the band’s trademark sound comes a live. Those superb shrieks pierce the wall of noise and level all in its path. A dirty solo comes through around 3:23. The song goes out on a very melodic riff that fades into a tidal wave of feedback. “Whiskey Creek” begins with… Water, a frog and a banjo. I am in no way kidding. There are seriously ambient sounds behind a banjo being plucked. In all fairness, the banjo sounds good. There is bass! I hear bass! I am rather surprised there is no distortion on this banjo. The song fades out at 2:35 leaving three minutes to this track. I’m curious whether I am going to get three minutes of silence or a short secret track. And we have the latter. We have a piano. A very upbeat tune being played on said piano stands out quite a bit in contrast to what 90% of the rest of the album was like. I guess you never quite know what Weedeater have in store for you. Every track had me on my toes in curiosity. I thoroughly enjoyed this. A great album by one of my favorite bands in this filthy genre. Bravo!

Rating: 9/10