Meek Is Murder Post Album Teaser!

The title says enough. Meek is Murder is an amazing band that consists of‘s own Frank Godla behind the drum kit. They put out killer jams and have a new album coming out in March. Here is the trailer for said album:

Yes. Be prepared. If you aren’t aware of who Meek is Murder is yet, check them out on MySpace and as a part of’s NYC Sucks compilation.


Review: Total Fucking Destruction – “Hater”

The thing I love most about Total Fucking Destruction? The fact that they can blend a lot of different genres into one punishing sound. To start things off, “Weaponization of the Mega-Self” begins crushing skulls from the get-go. Masterful riffing with thrash metal inspired vocals. Constant tempo changes keep you on your toes throughout the entire 1:18. Extremely brutal and yet so melodic. Killer opening track. “Crypto Apoptosis” begins with a riff and drumming in the vein of black metal. This song sets a very melancholic vibe at the beginning that turns into a fun riff that induces instant headbanging. I’m digging the gang vocals. Adds a very nostalgic touch to this. This band has a very technical way about them without even needing it. Nice work. “Hate Mongering Pig Pandemonium” contains yet another very fun and catchy riff that I cannot help but love. This track is more thrashy than anything and I’m into it. That lead riff is extremely catchy, as have been most of the riffs on this album so far. The drumming is complex and hammering madness. “Everything You Need But Nothing You Want” opens with those lines exactly. This riff is unusual in the formula, as it comes right out after said words and goes right into a melodic lead guitar solo. Now, I did say it was odd, but it makes sense. This band has influences all across the board, and anything is possible with Total Fucking Destruction. “7 Billion Imaginary Deaths” is a melee of grinding fury. Straight into the melodic, bullet fast riffing and machine gun blasting drums. The vocals are varied from the thrashy yells to the guttural growls. This track makes me think Napalm Death. Fucking amazing. The main riff is amazingly executed. Great and to the point. “It’s Only Attitude” is a fucking punk track. I don’t care what anyone has to say, this track has punk written all over it. From the riffing to the vocals, I feel like I’m in some dingy, 20 person basement show in ’86. I fucking love this track. Clocking in at under 40 seconds, this is one of my favorite tracks. “Mudernumber” has the same intensity starting out as the previous track. However, when it gets moving, it turns into a groove laden, melodic monstrosity. The lyrics are catchy. Short and sweet. “I Not Pose” opens with some feedback leading in slowly. The drums are pounding like a monster’s footsteps. Vocals are high pitched and tortured. This song puts strange images in my head and I’m not sure why. Very creepy shit. This song is the strangest I’ve come across yet. There aren’t really guitar parts in it, a lot of feedback and noise. Over 3 minutes of feedback and noise, actually. “If 9 Became 6” is pretty hard to describe. If you have heard “You Suffer” by Napalm Death, you have the basic idea. I mean this literally as this track is only 4 seconds long. It’s loud, it’s fast and it’s heavy. That is all. Thank you. The lyrics of “Repeat Repeatedly” will be stuck in my fucking head for weeks. I am sure of this. Very catchy punk riffing. Pummeling drums. Vicious vocals. This is 34 seconds of amazing. I am loving this album. “Dudehammer” is a grind track. In saying that, I mean that everything is moving at the speed of light. The riff is amazingly catchy regardless of how fast it’s being played. The drums fire off like an AR-15. The lyrics are great on this track. “I’m not Jesus. You don’t know me.” Great stuff. And there’s a solo! Not just any solo. This is a pretty gnarly solo. It is amazing how much shit Total Fucking Destruction can fit into such a short song. I love it. “Thrashadelphia” has a great groove to it. This is another punk track like the one I mentioned earlier. This track has an extremely positive vibe to it. Another track that is short, sweet and straight to the point. Exactly what I love about TFD. “Green Fire” opens with a nice melodic riff in the vein  of Heaven Shall Burn nix the vocals. A ncie mini solo comes in at 34 seconds. Not bad. I love the overall atmosphere of “Time Theft.” This song has a lot of different shit working on it. The opening of the track is rather thrashy before coming into a more black metal-esque riff and drumming pattern. Everything is very fast as grindcore should be, but the vibe is different. The vocals are very much in the thrash vein. I am digging this track a lot. The vocal pattern reminds me of Serj from System of a Down on this song for some strange reason. A nice mini-solo pops up towards the end of the track. “Nekropunk” is back to the crusty, grinding power that got me interested in this band. This track is a speeding train in route to a nursing home. Vocals are evil-as-fuck for sure. Great lead guitar part at 36 seconds. This is yet another fantastic track that I love. “The Sunrise Is a Lie” has a very strange tone to it. I’m not quite sure what to call this. There is a nice drum beat and a lot of noise going on underneath the vocals. It’s not bad, just weird. Interesting for sure. “Meat Without Feet” has a fantastic atmosphere about it. The vocals are mixed singing and screaming. and it sounds amazing. I’m loving the riffing. The drumming is so fucking extreme. In the long run, this song makes me smile. I love the lyrics. This song is catchy and very easily memorable. “Attack of the Supervirus 2049” begins with an absolutely unbelievable remarkable lead riff. I have used the term “speed of light” in this interview already, but I have to use it again because I cannot think of a better way to express how fast this track is. The vocals are very Tom Araya. I do not have the lyrics sheet handy, so I have absolutely no idea what those few words were, but it sounded good to me. “Attack of The Supervirus 4863” continues the exact same formula as the previous track, adding in a more insane lead guitar line.  The drumming on these two tracks and the next, “Attack of The Supervirus 33 A.D.” is so machine-like, it’s insane. The riffing is super catchy as well. No doubt, it will take you longer to read the description of “Greenbleeder” than to actually listen to the song. “If 9 Became 6” is the same way, 4 seconds of metallic noise accompanied by the word “Greenbleeder.” Yes. Very good. Very quick. Fucking Grind! “Tony Hung Himself” has a very old school hardcore mixed with thrash sound to it. It’s melodic with a chunky chord progression. The vocals, again, remind me of Tom Araya. This is seriously “pissed off” music as my buddy Arif Rot would say. I gotta say the chord progression is fucking fabulous on this track. One of my favorites on the album. “Lovegrinder” has not only a killer name, but a killer groove to go along with it. The song has a varying tempos throughout the 1:11. Ranging from melodic hard rock to grinding fury, this song is another punk masterpiece executed perfectly by Total Fucking Destruction. “Battle Command In Future War” opens with a lead guitar line that is simple but catchy. The drumming is executed as a pounding melee of blast beats. The vocals range from signature punk yelling to low growls. All these things bring the song together extraordinarily. “A Cold and Lonely Place” is in the same vein as “Battle Command..” except that the main riff is very hard rock meets old school punk. “Farewell Kiss” is a grindcore monster. Everything is perfectly in sync and the lyrics are great. I love the fact that Hoak doesn’t have to scream on tracks to get his point across. His yelling works perfectly for everything that he puts it on. The accompanied screams towards the end add a nice touch to an already great song. “Human Is The Bastard” is a very punk oriented track. Listening to Hoak execute these lyrics, I wasn’t aware of how much of a mouthful “Human Is The Bastard” really is. He pulls it off flawlessly, though. This track has a lot of different underlying influences. I can hear a shitload of different types of music fused into this and I like it. All in all, I didn’t hear a single song on this album that I didn’t like. That said, this album will be making my year end list, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Amazing job!

Rating: 10/10