Review: The Famine – The Architects Of Guilt

“The New Hell” opens with amazingly great riffing and machine gun drumming. I am loving this vocalist. He has a good transition from highs to lows. This riff is amazing. Catchy, melodic and very easily memorable. This band is not playing around. Everything is very tight and synchronized. Very catchy chorus as well. This is a great way to open an album. A sample comes in toward the end of the track bringing it to a close. “Ad Mortem” opens with a blistering riff and killer blast beats. This band is wasting no time in getting to the brutality. This vocalist is great. His voice is brutal and evil, but you can understand every word he says. This is a great combination that is often hard to pull off. A nice chugging breakdown begins close to the 2:00 mark. A nice lead guitar play around it. Another great track. “We Are The Wolves” again begins in all out brutality. This is a band that gets right to the point with no fucking around necessary. I like the vocal pattern on this track. The drumming accents it very well. Everything is very fluid. A nicely executed solo comes in around the 2:00 mark. It stands out kind of awkward with the drumming pattern, but not all it lost, as the menacing vocalist brings everything back around. repetitive screaming of “We Are The Wolves” closes the track. “Turner Classic Diaries” opens with yet another brutal-as-fuck riff. This track isn’t as melodic as it’s predecessors. This song is straight to the point without the need of catchy riffing. This is a full on moshing track. I can picture a crowd beating the shit out of one another to this track. This track contains a lot of start-stop riffing and structure. I don’t see this track being as memorable as those that preceded it. The chugging section towards the end of the track with the solo is possibly my favorite part of this track. “Bigger Cages, Longer Chains!” opens with a very catchy riff. This is back to the formula from the beginning of the album. This track isn’t as fast as I expected, though. It’s still heavy and punishing, but set to a slower tempo. I am actually really digging this. The vocals are perfectly executed, the riffing is superb and the drumming is otherworldly. This is by far my favorite track thus far. “The Crown and The Holy See” opens with an amazing lead guitar riff. This track is fucking unbelievable. I am loving this 100%. Melodic, fast, heavy. This is great. I retract my previous statement. This is my favorite track. This track is very bass heavy, which is also a plus for me, as I like a lot of bass. Variation of timing is also a good thing. Very well executed solo towards the end of the track top off this evil, heavy-as-fuck cake. Damn fine track. Damn fine. “VII The Fraudulent” opens with the vocalist screaming “liar, liar, liars!” before the actual band kicks in and the verse starts. Interesting. This song has a great tone and tempo. I like everything about this track as well. Nice melodic chugging riffs, complex and remarkable drumming patterns. Excruciatingly powerful vocals. Mix this all up in a bowl and you have yet another great track by The Famine. At times, sometimes only for a second or two in a song, this band reminds me of Whitechapel. “A Pavement of Good Intentions” opens with a nicely done riff. Sections of it seem to lean towards the tech death vein, but not quite hitting the nail on the head. Again, the vocal pattern is great on this track. I love the chugging sections of this track. This has kept my head nodding since the beginning of the track. This band is definitely no joke. They are here to kick ass and that is exactly what they are accomplishing. This band continues to keep me interested with “A Fragile Peace.” Utterly amazing. Melodic and very easily memorable, as are a vast majority of the tracks on this album. This track is in a running tie with “The Crown and The Holy See” for the best track on the album. This has agreat tone and vibe about it. The breakdown close to the end is interesting. Amazing. “Pyrithion House” opens with another unbelievable riff. The high-pitched screams on this seem to be more emotionally driven than on some previous tracks. This band seems to have a way about them of running a tight-knit operation and producing menacingly melodic, catchy songs. I absolutely love the guitar tone throughout this one. The drums are not chaotic and blasting. The double bass keeps a steady tempo which is very good if you’re headbanging. A nice drum section opens up “To The Teeth” which has an extremely doom laden thrash sound to it right off. The riff is one of the most memorable on the album. The entire mood shifts slightly towards a more brutal sound. The groove comes back around the 1:33 mark, though. When I say groove, I mean just that. This track has some serious grooving to it. This is absolutely amazing. I like the tempo changes. It keeps you on your toes about what to expect next. Fucking fantastic. I really like this album. The Famine did a terrific job on this. If you have never heard this band, look them up!

Rating: 8.5/10


4 comments on “Review: The Famine – The Architects Of Guilt

    • I’ll shed some light for you:

      I quit reading the article after I couldn’t handle anymore sentence fragments (some 100+) and ridiculous adjectives (i.e. “brutal-as-fuck”). Perhaps I would be more prone to think the track was actually “heavy-as-fuck”, if it didn’t seem like the writer was 17 years old, thus forcing me to question his opinion on good metal music to begin with. Apparently the reviewer is either 17 or has the worst english and composition skills imaginable.

      • Duly noted. Thank you for addressing my inability to compose a proper review. I agree that I do over-use sentence fragments. However, I was not aware I was supppsed to be writing a fucking Term Paper. I will say that, however right you may be, I will continue to write my reviews my way. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

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