Exclusive: Jonny McBee (The Browning) Interview

I caught up with Jonny McBee of the band The Browning (ex-As Blood Runs Black) on Facebook and sent him a few questions. Read on to lead about the origin of the band, the band’s new video and about his time in As Blood Runs Black.

Tell me a little about how the band came together.
I started The Browning back when I was a sophomore in high school! It was a solo project that I loved more than anything, but never saw it working as a full band because I didn’t know how it could be done live. I was always in other full bands that played a lot of shows/toured, but always had The Browning in the back of my mind. At one point The Browning did Rap/Metal/Electronica and it was me and my sister’s boyfriend Matt Keck. I wasn’t happy when I was in my last band and really wanted to do The Browning and my sister said, “If its going to make you happy, then do it!” So we all moved to Dallas, Texas to start it up as a full band! I posted things online about needing members, and Noah sent me a video of him and Cravey playing one of the songs. We all knew instantly that they would fit the bill perfect! Which they do! Then, a bassists, Jesse, from one of my old bands in high school said he would be able to do the band, and he was a really good friend so of course I wanted him in! Then we parted ways with Matt because we wanted to do Electronica/Metal full-time again, and he had comedy going for him as well! Everything with this band has been 100% perfect, and I wouldn’t change any of these members for anyone in the world!

Why was the name “The Browning” chosen?
It is a pretty random name…The name of the street my high school was on was Browning street. I always liked the name because it is different, stood out in the mass of brutal names, and even though didn’t originally have a meaning, could have multiple really deep meanings if you think about it!

The band plays a style of music that has been dubbed “Ravecore.” Can you tell me how this sound came to be?
I am not sure who called us Ravecore first *Laughs*. I am alright with it though! I have gone through a few musical revolutions in my life, and at the time of making The Browning, I listened to nothing but Hardstyle dance music for about a year! This was by far my biggest influence when making The Browning’s style because I loved the melodies, heaviness, and catchiness of Hardstyle! and I have an obvious love for Metal, so combining the two was just bound to happen in my life. *Laughs*

Tell me about the video for “Time Will Tell.” What is the song about?
When we initially toured by ourselves, this company “Surmount Studios” saw us play and offered to do music videos for us for free! We chose to do “Standing on the Edge”, and “Time Will Tell” because they were two of our most powerful songs. We shot the two videos back home in Kansas City!
“Time Will Tell” is about chasing your dreams and not letting your dreams die. You shouldn’t waste your time on things that don’t get you closer to your dreams and goals. Also! Never give up on your dreams! This is your only life and you have to go for your goals because you don’t get a second chance! I feel like people use the phrase “Life is short” in the wrong way. Life is short! And you should be striving to complete your goals and get to total happiness

Who are some of your vocal influences?
When I first started doing vocals, I practiced to the album “This is Exile” by Whitechapel daily! My biggest influences on my screams now are, The Ghost Inside and Hatebreed. I love how powerful Vigil from The Ghost Inside is, and I love the lyrics Hatebreed has.

You were in As Blood Runs Black. What was it like playing in that band as compared to The Browning?
I loved being with As Blood Runs Black. I loved touring and playing shows but that was the extent of it. I wasn’t attached to that band live I am to The Browning. There was few things I liked about As Blood Runs Black, but they did influence me to knowing that I wanted to do music full-time and wanted to make it my career! I just didn’t want to do it with them. The Browning is my baby and I love how different the music is and what all I can offer by doing The Browning! I’m not rolling off someone else’s success and I can write the music, and lyrics that are meaningful to me and my life with The Browning!

The band is soon to release an EP, right? How do you feel about the EP?
Yes sir, we are releasing the “Time Will Tell EP” Which is the second half of our original self-produced full length album! I am happy about releasing it because there are some songs on there I would like for our new flock of fans to hear! But, I also don’t want people to think this is our new album we have been writing! This is all just remastered tracks with renovated artwork! We are going to be releasing an all NEW FULL LENGTH in the summer of 2011! Which is already done being written, and it is way better in all aspects than our old material!

What else is in store for The Browning this year?

We are touring for a few months, then going into the studio in April to record our new full length! After that we are touring, touring, touring, touring, touring, touring! We plan to never stop and bring our music to the world!