Review: Mother of Mercy – IV: Symptoms of Existence

Epic drumming opens up “Forever Night, Forever Mourning.” The guitars slowly build up until the whole thing explodes into a superbly melodic melee. This is great. Right off, I am loving this. There is a fantastic groove present throughout this track. Very easily headbangable. Very catchy and memorable chugging guitar. Vocals are strong and are at a perfect pace.  A nice lead guitar section around 1:35. Everything about this seems to flow amazingly. “Symptoms of Existence” opens with another great riff. Still very melodic while maintaining levels of extremity. The vocals lay perfectly in sync with the chugging guitar. I love this riff even more than the first. It is epic in all the right ways. Fucking amazing. “Soul Burns Slow” opens with another drum performance with the guitars building up. The whole thing bursts at the seems at the 28 second mark. This band is all about memorable, melodious riffs. Every track so far is fantastic. Everything about this band is great. I cannot believe I discovered them by accident a few months ago. Amazing chugging section towards the end of the track. Yet another great track. Yesssss. “World of Pain” opens up with some old school-styled riffing. The chugging sets in around the 36 second marker and all hell breaks loose. The vocals on this track are some of the most powerful and tortured I’ve heard. This is one of those things that are, as Matt Fox of Shai Hulud once said, is too metal to be hardcore. Close, but not quite hardcore. Again, great chugging riffs. This band can keep their music simple, and still kick all kinds of ass. That’s just how they roll, you dig? “Swinging The Chain” opens with another great riff and extraordinary drumming. This band as a whole is a very tight-knit unit. Everything is perfectly structured, no instrument stands out more than another. Bass, drums, guitar, vocals, everything is equal. For some reason, I feel a lot of Metallica influence on this track. Something about the riff and drumming makes me think of Metallica around the “Master of Puppets” era. Nice. “Live Through Darkness” opens with awesome drumming a chunky bass line leading into another fantastic riff. I am again reminded of same-era Metallica. I will not believe that this band takes no influence from Metallica. I will not. This track is fast paced and melodic with hints of crust punk and thrash. Vocals are extremely extreme (I hope Decibel doesn’t have that Copywritten). This album has kept me headbanging non stop since it started. That is a very good sign. So far, there are no signs of this band letting up. I am loving this chugging riff with pinch harmonics. Great. “Control” begins with another thick bass line leading up to a grooving, speeding riff. These vocals almost remind me of Jacob Bannon. Not exactly, though. Somewhere between Iron Monkey and Converge, though. Which, I think, is fucking sick. This chugging tune makes me want to beat the shit out of something. Damn, this is a great track. Amazing lead guitar work opens up “Drown” and shines a new light on this album. This track, still being heavy as fuck, is not as downtrodden and remorseful as previous track. I think it is mostly due to said melodic lead guitar. This track is full of different elements that this band fuses into a monster of a metal track. I feel some Slayer influence here towards the end. Very nice. Quite possibly my favorite track. “Upper Hand” opens with a bell ringing and some odd, creepy vocals. The buzzsaw guitar opens this track as it evolves into a powerhouse of riffing. This time around I am reminded, mostly by the vocal execution, of Rage Against The Machine. I am not sure why. Not sure at all. Just something that came to mind. Musically, I am feeling Entombed. Yeah, that’s about right. “Final Breath” opens with another Metallica-esque riff hit off with a creepy, amazing solo. The vocals are very well enunciated. The same solo I mentioned makes a return around 2:10. Still sounds great. The main riff throughout this track is over the top extraordinary. I love everything about this band. This is a band that I cannot believe I don’t hear more people talk about. This will make my year-end list. I can tell you that already and it’s only January. Go out and listen to Mother of Mercy. NOW!

Rating: 10/10


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