Exclusive: Yet Another Topon Das (Fuck The Facts) Interview

I am really considering giving this guy a permanent column on the blog. I have done a shitload of interviews with him since I started this blog back in September. He is one of the coolest and most down to earth people I’ve even talked to. I can also say that, since I was a kid, I’ve been telling people, “just you watch. One day, I’m gonna do something with my life.” What did I accomplish in 2010? I interviewed a lot of my favorite bands. I’ve listened to killer fucking music. I am in a magazine (fucking Decibel!) and Topon Das turned me into a cartoon. Fucking amazing.  And with no further delay, here is my most recent interview with Fuck The Facts guitarist, Topon Das:

Tell me a little about the new EP.
It’s basically a bonus CD that’ll come with the vinyl version of our next full-length album, ‘Die Miserable’. These songs were still in the early stages when we recorded ‘Die Miserable’ almost a year ago. We recently got around to finishing them and decided to record them for this bonus instead of keeping them around for the next album. I guess we’re kind of cleaning the slate of what is the ‘Die Miserable’ writing sessions, so when it comes time to get another album together it’ll be more of a fresh start.

How was the recording process?
A lot more fun than recording ‘Die Miserable’, that’s for sure. We really went in more relaxed and had a bit more of a flexible schedule that actually included some downtime, so it gave us time to be more creative in the studio and actually write a bunch of stuff for the EP on the spot, which is pretty rare for us. We usually go in with a pre-production and a really solid idea of how things will be. We had a pre-production, but we left a lot of stuff open to see how it would come together, and it turned out to be probably one of the most enjoyable and creative times I’ve ever had musically.

When can we expect the full length?
Hopefully it’ll get released sometime in the spring of 2011. Craig Boychuk is mixing it right now out in Winnipeg. It’s kind of a slow process the way we go about it, but it’s the only way we can be sure we’re 100% happy with the final result.

Are there upcoming tour plans for support of the album?
Staring in February we’ll be doing regional weekends to celebrate our ten-year anniversary and we’ll be playing songs from our entire catalog over the past 10 years, including some new shit from ‘Die Miserable’. But we won’t have the album by then. The only tour we got planned now will start in mid-April, and will be about a month heading through the northern US and then western Canada with KEN Mode. We’re not really making any album tour plans now, since the release date is still really up in the air. But we’ll be hitting the road a decent amount in 2011 regardless.

What else have you been up to besides working with FTF?
With the small studio we’re setting up to record Fuck The Facts shit, I also started recording some other bands. I recorded the bands Alaskan, Biipiigwan, Did You Just Hex Me? & Hamilton this year and I’m already got bands lined-up to record in 2011. I also started a music blog called ‘Kingdom Of the Dead’, where I post old tapes and records from defunct/unknown bands from back in the day. You can check it out here: http://deadkingdom.blogspot.com

You mentioned in our last interview that your first grind record was Brutal Truth. Have you heard about Decibel Mag’s Flexi Disc Series? The first of which is a few never-before-heard Brutal Truth tracks?
I think I heard about it, but I never checked it out. I’m pretty happy to just keep listening to ‘Need To Control’ over and over again.

You also mentioned that you liked Kill The Client. I’ve heard their live performance is killer. Have you had a chance to see them?
Yeah, we got the chance to play a few shows with them and when we play Dallas we usually see some of them there. Great dudes and just straight up hammer to your head grindcore. Morgan says some of the best shit between songs as well. My favorite was something like “Earn your scene points and go the fuck home.”, to some douche kid near the front of the stage.

Who are a few more newer grind bands that you have gotten into?
Not new, but I more recently discovered and got into Magrudergrind. I’m really bad at discovering new music, I’m just too busy with my own shit and I never really get around to checking anything out unless a friend recommends it.

Your top 5 albums of all time?
Mars Volta – De Loused in the Comatorium
Pile Driver – Heavy Electricity
Mr. Bungle – Disco Volante
The Black Heart Procession – Six
Secret Chiefs – Book M

Have you drawn up any new comics lately?
Nope. But for you, I just did.